Thursday, November 19, 2009

Classic ALT+TAB on Windows 7

When it comes to ALT+TAB preview I like the classic XP style. It shows the application icons, plain and simple and great for my workflow. Windows 7 instead shows low res thumbnails of the running applications that all look too much the same, and flashes the applications around in the background like a bunch of popup advertising…

Anyway good-ol-classic it is still there with a little help from the second ALT key:

ALT + (tap the other ALT key) + TAB

That is; while holding down the first ALT key, tap and release the second ALT key, then tap the TAB key as usual to scroll.

Anyone know a setting to make it default?

Update: see comments below for a Registry key setting to make this default.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Using jQuery Selectors to Select all/Select none in checkboxes

jQuery is fun! Using jQuery Selectors you can select page elements in all sorts of ways - in this example to select/unselect all checkboxes where name starts with 'chk-' (formatted 'chk-{id}'):

<a href="#" title="Select all" onclick=
"$('input[name^=chk-]').attr('checked', 'checked')">
<a href="#" title="Select none" onclick=

<input id="chk-200" name="chk-200" type="checkbox" />
<input id="chk-201" name="chk-201" type="checkbox" />
Gotta love jQuery!